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The government have produced a new statutory curriculum to ensure all children take part in the learning of Relationships Education, Relationship and Sex Education and Health Education during their school career.

We believe that the curriculum promotes many values, which will help us to nurture our children to become caring, responsible, respectful and aspirational citizens.

The full details of the statutory framework and what must be taught during a child’s primary education can be found here:


RSHE Newham Partnership Consultation

In order to provide your feedback to this consultation, you will be asked to complete an anonymous Survey Monkey questionnaire. If you would rather have a paper copy of the consultation, please obtain a copy from the Main Reception.

Consultation Questions

1. Would you like support at home, on how to speak to your child about relationship, health and sex education?

2. Are there any changes or additions that you think should be made to the RSE Policy that the borough have created?

3. Thinking about relationship, health education in Central Park Primary what do you believe is the most important subject area that SHOULD be taught for different age groups/key stages and why?

4. Thinking about relationship and sex education in Central Park Primary School is there an area that you think SHOULD NOT be taught for different age groups/key stages and why?


We have provided the consultation questions in a range of languages that are available in the link attached. There is a hard copy of these questions in the front office and in the HUB area.

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