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Character Education

Character Education is the systematic and deliberate effort to instil values in children that enable them to make better day-to-day decisions that lead to positive long-term outcomes in their lives. At Central Park Primary School, we do this through the Heroism framework which aims to instil heroic qualities in children through the constant reinforcement of honesty, kindness, and respect; which underpin our Central Park culture. 

We partner with Being The Cure, a charity that focuses on developing the next generation of heroes in society through evidence-informed character education. Through the Heroism Framework developed by Being The Cure, we aim to make children aware of their moral compass at Central Park and become responsible citizens of the future. 

Please see below our character education policy

Our Values

Our commitment to fostering kindness, honesty, and respect resonates throughout our school. We have devised a comprehensive school-wide framework aimed at embedding these values in the hearts of our children. Our goal is to ensure that these principles become ingrained in their consciousness, allowing them to not only recognize and recall these virtues but also to continually build upon their understanding as they advance from nursery through Year 6.

Our vibrant and inclusive culture is unmistakably woven into the fabric of our school community. It becomes immediately apparent as students and staff gracefully navigate the corridors, exchanging smiles, ideas, and a shared sense of purpose. This cultural richness seamlessly extends into the classrooms, where the collaborative spirit and our values come to life in the interactions and shared learning experiences that unfold. 

Our Saturday School for Heroism

At Central Park, we have a Saturday School for Heroism which is an educational initiative to instil heroic qualities in children through storytelling, arts, sports, and mentoring. This is a free of cost program that is offered to parents living in Newham twice a year on a first-come-first-served basis. If you would like to register your child to this program, please email info@centralpark.newham.sch.uk to request admission to the Saturday School for Heroism. 

To know more about it, please visit the Saturday School for heroism page.

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