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26.03.2020 - Year 4 are making rainbows today

26.03.2020 - Thank you to all the NHS staff, you are Awesome!

26.03.2020 - EYFS have been busy with the Rainbow spread hope campaign

26.03.2020 - busy making rainbows 

26.03.2020 - Rainbow day

26.03.2020 - what a lovely rainbow

26.03.2020 - A very birght rainbow

27.03.2020 - Khadijah, Year 6- No more worries - Focus on a colourful life!

27.03.2020 - Year 2 making a rainbow. The children were asked to complete for home learning

27.03.2020 -Year 6- Origami - Take a look at the shuriken claws

27.03.2020 -Click on the image to read the poem.

27.03.2020 -   Keeping fit and healthy by doing a Joe Wicks workout with family

NHS appreciation Clap video - click on image to see. 

Year 5 making rainbow pictures

30.03.2020 -Nursery and Year 2 have been practicing the art of Origami and have made some Origami Doggies together.

31.03.2020 - EYFS home learning.

31.03.2020 - EYFS - completing activities from home learning packs

31.03.2020 - EYFS -Ordering pens and pencils

31.03.2020 - EYFS - Engaged in lots of cooking activities

31.03.2020 -Year 2 - busy keeping garden looking beautiful in time for spring.

01.04.2020- Year 6 children were asked to write about a chosen animal.

03.04.2020 - Nursery and Year 2 - we were practicing writing in Japanese and practicing some numbers.  We then made cookies and we talked about adding and subtracting and then how to divide the cookies equally. 

03.04.2020 -Team B - today at school we have painted with the children a rainbow to show our support with the caption "we are all in this together"

17.04.2020 - Here are some pictures from this week with some of the lovely activities we have been doing with the children.

21.04.2020 - Anayah has created a wonderful story about the life of a child during the Victorian times.

27.04.2020- Daud and Anayah for have created fabulous diary entries about the Great Fire of London.

29.04.2020 - Year 2 has been creating some artwork based around Ramadan. 

06.05.2020  - Year 2 are baking cakes and doing arts and crafts. 

06.05.2020 - Year 2 are baking cakes and are making dinosaurs with arts and crafts. 

06.05.2020 - Year 2 have made wonderful acrostic poems about recycling. 

06.05.2020 - Recycling at home

07.05.2020 - Dressing up for VE day.

07.05.2020 - 2E have been really busy creating a character out of recycled materials. The pair of them have been really creative as they have made a robot. Meet Recycle-bot.....

11.05.2020 -  2E have created binoculars using recycled materials. They have been using them to look around the garden and maybe even do some bird watching.

12.05.2020- 2E have created a wonderful poster. 

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