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Chateau de Warsy
18th Century Chateau set in  90 acres of amazing parkland with private lakes

Educational, Structured, Personal Development, Motivating and Challenging

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3C's X-Factor Assembly 

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To celebrate our British identity whilst learning how to write more creatively, some Year 3 children visited the home of our Monarch, Queen Elizabeth The II, at Buckingham Palace. 

We started the morning at the Royal Mews where we saw some of the Queen's horses and carriages, including the carriage used in the Diamond Jubilee Parade. We then had a chance to go inside Buckingham Palace to visit the impressive State rooms, including the iconic Throne Room. The children were in awe and wonder at experiencing what it would be like to live as royalty, whilst sitting next to the thrones of our current Queen and Queen Victoria.
Throughout our visit we took notes in our journals with a focus on descriptive language. We used our senses to write which could only be achieved by being there and seeing it with our own eyes; something a photo could never match. This hopefully showed the children firstly, the importance of experience when researching a writing project and finally, in the development of descriptive writing.

We all had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Here are some photos of our day. 

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