Vision for Maths
At Central Park, we want our students to engage in mathematical problem solving, guided by skilled and enthusiastic teachers, with the desired outcome that students will achieve mathematics proficiency, conceptual understanding, fluency of procedure, logical competence, adaptive reasoning, and a universal desire to know more.
We want our children to have the freedom to question every stage of their learning, not being satisfied without the need to investigate and prove to formulate their own opinions and knowledge.
We want our children to use mathematics as an integral part of their studies that feed into all aspects of their current and future life. Finally and most importantly we want to see enjoyment, enthusiasm and excitement as a result of our teaching of mathematics at Central Park.

An understanding of the important concepts and an ability to make connections in mathematics. 

A broad range of skills in using and applying mathematics

Fluent knowledge and recall of number facts and the number system 

The ability to show initiative in solving problems in a wide range of contexts, including the new or unusual

The ability to think independently and to persevere when faced with challenges, showing a confidence of success

The ability to embrace the value of learning from mistakes and false starts

The ability to reason, generalise and make sense of solutions

Fluency in performing written and mental calculations and mathematical techniques

A wide range of mathematical vocabulary and a commitment to and passion for the subject

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