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EYFS Themes and Enquiry Led Learning

Themes and Enquiry Led Learning

Computing Curriculum Map

History and Geography Curriculum Maps

Science Curriculum Map

MFL Curriculum Map

KS1 - PE Curriculum Map

KS2 - PE Curriculum Map

RE Curriculum Map

Art Curriculum Map

Design Technology Curriculum Map

Music Curriculum Map

Values and Skills

Memorable Experience Map

Supporting British Values and SMSC






Topic planning - Autumn 2018


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6



Topic planning 2018


Spring 2018 Summer 2018

Year 1 Spring 2018
Year 2 Spring 2018
Year 3 Spring 2018
Year 4 Spring 2018
Year 5 Spring 2018
Year 6 Spring 2018

Year 1 Summer 2018
Year 3 Summer 2018
Year 4 Summer 2018
Year 5 Summer 2018
Year 6 Summer 2018



Central Park Non Negotiables


Non negotiables learning behaviours


Non negotiables E-Safety


Non negotiables History


Non Negotiables Design and Technology


Non Negotiables Science

Music Non negotiables


Physical Education Non negotiables


Geography Non negotiables


Non Negotiables MFL









Focus Learning Programmes


At Central Park we pride ourselves on a curriculum that build links in learning and applies core skill learning into real world and high quality contexts. However we also recognise the need to support some areas with focus therefore we build in focus learning opportunities across the year, for example, author study days, DT focus days, science days.



Please see our working document below to see the planned focus activities so far:


Focus weeks


We want to ensure that all learners exceed their potential academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually with their families, in their communities as well as in the wider world ensuring that they become ambitious lifelong learners. For this reason we place a greater focus on PSHCE theme weeks. We are very proud of the success from these weeks, combining personal development with assessment - providing 1:1 mentoring opportunities for children with their teachers and families. Please see below some examples of planning alongside these weeks:



Who Am I?



Theme Weeks

Timetable Assessment Week



Why am I here and where am I going?



Why am I here and where am I going


Rights and responsibilities as everyone else






The machine that is me!




Healthy eating progression





My ideas, my aspirations and my decisions.


My ideas, aspirations and decisions


Focus areas








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