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Staff 2016/17

ClassMember of staff Responsibility / Other information
 Mr Ashuk Hussain JP. MBEChair of Governors
 Mr Darren WilliamsHEADTEACHER, Lead Responsibility for Learning and Teaching, Monitoring and Evaluation, Appraisal, SLT (staff governor.)
 Mr Paul Taylor DEPUTY HEADTEACHER, Behaviour and Attendance, Child Protection & Safeguarding, Years Nursery to Y2 Standards of Teaching and Learning SLT
  Miss Rachel SpeedDEPUTY HEADTEACHER, Staff Development / Induction/ Mentoring, Curriculum Development, KS2 Standards of Teaching and Learning, SLT

Mrs Rachel Egbulonu



& 4),  Attainment and Achievement, SLT, Equalities, Staff  Well Being + Governance

 Mrs Gemma Hunt ASSISTANT HEADTEACHER, PHASE 3 LEADER (Years 5 + 6 ), Data and Assessment, Pupil Premium, Standards and Inclusion, SLT
  Miss Atiyya Musa ASSISTANT HEADTEACHER, PHASE 1 LEADER (Nursery – Year 1),  Middle Leaders, CPD, Staff Induction, SLT
  Mr Athaur RahmanLead Responsibility for Extended Services
  Mr Shaeid Sharif IT Specialist, Web, Training and Support
 Miss Sarah Campbell TLR 2B , Inclusion Leader
  Mr Miguel Navarro SEN Teacher (Complex Needs)
 Miss Emma Williams TLR 2C Lead Responsibility for English KS2 & Library, Key Stage Leader  (Y5+6 )
 Miss Julia Scott TLR 2C Lead Responsibility for English (EYFS + KS1) and RWI, Key Stage Leader (Y1+2)
  Mr Paul Strange TLR 2C Lead Responsibility Maths (KS2), Key Stage Leader (Y3+4)
  Mrs Shaheen Hussain TLR 2C Lead Responsibility for Educational  Visits, EAL + Mid Phase Admissions, Key Stage Leader (N+R)
  Mr Toby Paterson TLR 2A Lead Responsibility for MFL (0.8)
  Miss Shannon Griffin INTERVENTION / PPA COVER
  Ms Nusheen Dar INTERVENTION / PPA COVER (Agency - Destination)
  Nadia Nadeem INTERVENTION / PPA COVER (Agency - Destination)
  Augustina Chukwuru INTERVENTION / PPA COVER (Agency - Classroom )
  Mrs Nazima Kassam Family Support Officer
PHASE 3 (Years 5 and 6)
6D Miss Rajinder Puaar TLR 2A Lead Responsibility for Geography + Sustainability
6P Mrs Debbie Alzapiedi TLR 2A Lead Responsibility for History
6M Ms Emily Dolman Class Teacher, Agency
6S Mr Moinul Ahmed Class Teacher, NQT
Y6Mrs Sadeka Mindhola Q Teacher Assistant
Y6 Miss Sadia AliPastoral Worker
6SMrs Karen Mudd Teacher Support
5V Miss Marzina Begum Class Teacher

Ms Humaira Fiaz

Class Teacher, NQT

5FMr Shane CrosbyClass Teacher
5B Miss Salma Begum Class Teacher
Y5 Mrs Naheed Ahmed Q Teacher Assistant
Y5 Mrs Janet Bullen Pastoral Worker
Y5 Mrs Marlies Ojuri Teacher Support 0.5, SLT Admin Support 0.5
PHASE 2 (Years 2, 3 and 4)
4D Mr Mark MarleyClass Teacher, Lead Responsibility for Computing (KS2)
4M Mrs Nadia K AhmedClass Teacher
4KMs Jessica Walsh Class Teacher, NQT
4WMrs Rumena Akhtar Class Teacher
Y4 Miss Yasmin Khatun Q Teacher Assistant
Y4 Mrs Michelle CharlesPastoral Worker
Y4Mrs Glenys GordonTeacher Support
3CMiss Hafiza Khatun Class Teacher, Lead Responsibility for Music (KS2)
3KMr Kibria Gulum Class Teacher
3BMiss Summiya Begum Class Teacher
3V Ms Laura O ReganClass Teacher
Y3Mrs Sameera KaziQ Teacher Assistant
Y3 Ms Monika AroraPastoral Worker
Y3Mrs Millicent Thomas Pastoral Worker (0.4)
Y3Mrs Linda TaylorTeacher Support ( 0.5), Resource + Display Assistant ( 0.5)

Mr Daniel Slee

TLR 2A Lead Responsibility for School Sport inc, Out of Hours (Staff Governor)

2E Ms Jacinta Joseph Class Teacher, AGENCY
2FMiss Sobnaz IslamClass Teacher, NQT
2H Ms Margaret DalyTLR 3A Lead Responsibility for Pupil Voice
Y2 Mrs Nalini RamjetQ Teacher Assistant
Y2Mrs Uzma Faheem Pastoral Worker (0.8)
Y2Mrs Gail Smith TaylorTeacher Support
PHASE 1 (Years Nsy, Rec and 1)
1OMs Akhlima KhanamClass Teacher , NQT
1CMiss Mariam AkhtarClass Teacher, Lead Responsibility for Music (KS1)
1T Miss Ashley BernardTLR 2B  Lead Responsibility for Computing (KS1)
1RMiss Kirby RandallClass Teacher , Agency (AOR)
Y1 Mrs Anita BurkeQ Teacher Assistant
Y1 Mrs Neelu Bahl Pastoral Worker
(Early Years Foundation Stage)
RMMiss Keely IottonClass Teacher, (AOR)
RM Mrs Karen Cross Nursery Nurse, FIRST AIDER (A)
RHMrs Leena Prabhakumar Class Teacher, Lead Responsibility for Art
RHMrs Husneara BegumNursery Nurse
RSMrs Nusrat RajaTLR 3A Lead Responsibility for Local Community & Global Links, SMSC
RSMrs Mary KyeiNursery Nurse
RL Miss Sharmin Ali TLR 2A, Lead responsibility for RE + CAW
RLMiss Deniz Kahrahman Nursery Nurse
KandinskyMiss Sunndas Arif Nursery Nurse
MattiseMs Petra Onderova Class Teacher, NQT
MattiseMrs Arit KingNursery Nurse
GoldsworthyMiss Papia SultanaTLR 2A, Lead Responsibility for Maths (EYFS + KS1)
GoldsworthyMrs Naheed MahmoodNursery Nurse
NurseryMrs Rani AkramWelfare Assistant (0.4) & Lunchtime Supervisor
NurseryMrs Zulekha SiddiquiWelfare Assistant (1.0)  FIRST AIDER (A)
Nursery Mrs Minaxi Lakhani Welfare Assistant (0.5)
NurseryMrs Halima BegumNursery Nurse Cover and Intervention
Mrs Aileen Leslie Q Learning Mentor
 Mrs Munira RavatQ Teacher Assistant, Lead SEN TA
2O/3CMs Anne Marie WardQ Teacher Assistant, FIRST AIDER (A)
6D/6PMiss Shahira KhanamQ Teacher Assistant
3C/3BMrs Surinder Sira Q Teacher Assistant, FIRST AIDER (A)
2F/2OMrs Stella AkhtarQ Learning Support Assistant, FIRST AIDER (A)
2O/5BMrs Husna IslamQ Learning Support Assistant, FIRST AIDER (A)
3CMrs Annemarie BurnQ Learning Support Assistant, FIRST AIDER (A)
4W/4KMrs Shulbha PopatQ Teacher Assistant
RHMrs Shemina PatniQ Teacher  Assistant (0.5), Lunchtime Supervisor
4K/4WMiss Sadiah KhanQ Teacher Assistant
5F/5K Mrs Nazma Choudhury Q Teacher Assistant
5K/5F Mrs Asima Hussain Q Teacher Assistant
1C/1T Mrs Sindhu Pillai Q Teacher Assistant
6P/6D Mrs Amanda Matty Q Teacher Assistant
1T/1R Mrs Samrah Khan Q Teacher Assistant
1R/1C Mrs Syeda Choudhury UQ Teacher Assistant
1T/1R Mrs Keshar Shamji Q Teacher Assistant
2H Mrs Bhupinder Kundi Q Teacher assistant
1T/1R Mrs Samrah Khan Q Teacher Assistant
Nursery Mrs Rahana Nazim Q Teacher Assistant
Mr Nathaniel Appiyah School Business Manager,Health & Safety, Premises Management
Mrs Alix Williams PA to Headteacher, Staff Absence
Mrs Mary BatemanAdministration Assistant
Mrs Johanne CallenderAdministration Assistant
Ms Ruth Edwards Attendance & Admissions Officer
Ms Samantha VallisAdministration Assistant
Mr Jason CollinsSite Supervisor
Mrs Dilwara Begum Ali Senior Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Shirin Patel Senior Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Shabana Attiq Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss Notarlia Brown Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Munazza Ahmed Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Rohima Begum Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Farida Ibrahim Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Surrya Jabeen Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Tahzim Iqbal Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Kawaljit Kaur Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Nadia Khan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Tahira Parveen Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Vahida Rahim Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Shazia Haider Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Shabana Savel

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Prionka Das

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Roxy Ahmed

Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Jumana Nawsath Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms Elena Stanciu Cleaner
Ms Kim Rutter Cleaner
Mr Agosttnhq Ngonga Cleaner
Ms Ramatoulie Njie Cleaner
Ms Dawn Bates Cleaner
Mrs Larraine MetcalfSchool Cook
Mrs Constance AboagyeKitchen Assistant
Mrs Khurshida Begum Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Marcia ByfieldKitchen Assistant
Mrs Yvonne HadleyKitchen Assistant
Mrs Maninder KaurKitchen Assistant
Mrs Surinder Kaur SallKitchen Assistant
Mrs Sahera PatelKitchen Assistant
Miss Denise PeninKitchen Assistant
Mrs Balbir PuaarKitchen Assistant
Mrs Gladys VallelyKitchen Assistant
Mrs Anna Iluta Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Ranveer Kaur School Bursar (1 day per month)
Rebecca Magee Speech and Language Therapist (1 day per week)
Mrs Violaine Samb Class Teacher, (Maternity Leave)
Ms Rukeya Khatun Q Teacher Assistant, (Maternity Leave)
Miss Somayya Patel Q Teacher Assistant, Intervention Support (Maternity Leave)
Mrs Roxy Ahmed Lunchtime Supervisor, (Maternity Leave)
Miss Joanne Green Intervention Teacher, TLR 2A Lead Responsibility for PSHCE, (Maternity Leave)