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Extended Schools


Extended Services Timetable - Spring Term 2018

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Extended Services at Central Park Primary School


At Central Park Primary School we believe in using our resources in the best ways possible to provide additional activities and support for our children, parents, families and community members. Over the last two years we have been steadily increasing our extended services and now run a varied menu of support and activities before, during and after school. We are always keen to hear and understand what our children and families want and therefore organise our provision in consultation with you so that you enjoy, develop and learn from the services offered.


How does it work?
We work and consult with pupils and parents about the kinds of services and activities they want to see. We also work with Newham Council and a whole host of local organisations to ensure that we have an appropriate and varied offer of different services so that between us we are equipped to cater for your needs.


What's On Offer?
We have a vast range of activities and services that we run at school as well as sign post to. It really depends on what you want. If we cannot offer what you want at the school then it will usually be offered nearby and we can help you to find these services. Examples of services are as follows:


For Children & Young People

  • Affordable Childcare and Study Support is offered to parents whose children attend the school.  Attendance at breakfast club and after school clubs provide a safe environment for children to be as well as an opportunity for your child to learn and develop by engaging in the activities on offer.  If your child does not attend the school, then we can suggest local children’s centres and nurseries that may be able to help.
  • Youth activities are offered by our local partner schools and centres.  Activities and support such as sports, education and employment guidance can be accessed in a number of different local venues.  Other valuable services such as health and CV building and job search are also offered across the borough are easily signposted to.  Please ask for details.

For Adults

  • Family Support Services including information, advice and guidance is offered to parents and the community in a variety of areas including:
    • Understanding School Letters and Documents
    • Training and Employment Guidance
    • CV Building Guidance
    • Help with Tax Credits Application
    • Benefits Advice and Signposting
    • Childcare Advice and Signposting
    • Bengali and Urdu Interpretation of Letter and Documents
    • Help with Housing Applications
    • Understanding Special Educational Needs (SEN)  Support in Schools
  • Parent Workshops are regularly offered to parents each term. The workshops are designed so parents can use the information and resources provided to support children at home.  Our workshops are designed and led by our own staff who are always available to answer any questions and offer additional advice and support when required.  Some of the workshops being delivered this year include:
    • Supporting your child with reading & Writing
    • ICT & E-safety
    • Supporting your child with Science
    • Pupil Conduct & Behaviour
    • Supporting your Child with English as an Additional Language
    • Health & Safety at Home
    • Supporting your child with Numeracy and number games at home
    • The importance of reading in year 3
    • Supporting your child with Literacy/Grammar
    • Working with SRE
    • Attendance & Punctuality
    • Supporting children with SEN
  • Family Learning & Courses are offered to parents and community members to encourage learning and development.  Provision offered is based on need identified through discussion and our parent consultations.  Examples of provision offered include, EAL and Maths courses, Keep fit classes and parent information workshops.
  • Early identification of problems and issues with swift and easy access to specialist services such as SEN support, therapy and social care.  These areas are assessed and arranged by our dedicated Lead for Equality & Inclusion (Ms Rebecca Prince).  We work with you and your children to find suitable support so that problems are resolved as early as possible.


PTA Activities

Our School has a committed and active Parent and Teacher Association.  Our PTA holds a weekly Coffee morning during term time and organise a wide range of events and activities during the school year.  Membership to the PTA is open and all parents and carers are invited to join and help to organise events and raise funds to support the School.


Holiday Offer

Our recent parent survey has highlighted a need to offer activities during holiday periods.  We are now in the process of arranging suitable activities for children and families during the Easter and Summer break.


Further Information

For further information or to discuss any ideas you have or support you may require, please speak to Mr Athaur Rahman (Lead Responsibility for Extended Services).
Tel: 020 8472 5588 
E-Mail: athaur.rahman@centralpark.newham.sch.uk


After School Clubs

At Central Park School we offer a comprehensive and varied menu of after school clubs for children.  We have over 25 clubs per week running each term which cater for all year groups from Reception to Year 6.  We organise our clubs in consultation with our Pupils and School Leadership so as to offer both a combination of activities to support curriculum learning and other social and recreational learning.  For further information of clubs offered this term, please click on the link for the ‘Extended Schools Timetable’ at the top of this page.

Please see below for a description of some of the after school clubs we offer:


Karate Club
Karate, an ancient form of martial arts, is open to children in Years 2,3,4,5 and 6. Karate offers both physical and mental benefits. Some of these benefits include improved coordination, increased physical strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. The club also offers the children the chance to improve their self-esteem and improve their confidence.
What do our children think?
‘I go Karate Club because I want to get stronger’

Gymnastics club is open to any or all pupils in Years 1 – 4. Gymnastics opens up opportunities for all students to develop and improve their coordination as well as developing social interaction skills with other children. Gymnastics is also part of the PE curriculum and the club enables pupils to meet or surpass expectations set during lesson times.

What do our children think?
My teacher recommended I go because she said I had a talent for gymnastics’ ‘Gymnastics club gives me the chance to keep fit. It’s also enjoyable and fun!’



Cycling club has been a mainstay at Central Park for a number of years and is ALWAYS popular amongst our students. Cycling club is open to children in Years 2-6. Cycling is the third most popular recreational activity in the UK. An estimated 3.1 million people ride a bicycle each month. Regular cycling can help you lose weight, reduce stress and improve your fitness.

What do our children think?
‘Before I went to cycling club I couldn’t ride a bike – now I can. It also gives me a chance to be with friends.’


The ever popular football club continues to go from strength to strength. Following on from last years semi –final defeat, boys and girls of all Year groups are looking to emulate that success and go one step further to try to win a trophy. There are football clubs running right through the school – from Year 1 all the way through to Year 6.
What do our children think?
Football is in my blood but it also keeps me fit'

Homework club
Homework club is beneficial for both teachers and students. Teachers get the opportunity to interact with other children in the school and the children get the opportunity to have a greater understanding of the work set as well as having the opportunity to improve their grades.

What do our children think?
‘I go to homework club because there is nobody at home to help me’ ‘I go to homework club because I sometimes need help with my Maths homework’



Dancing is a great way for people of all ages to get and stay in shape. Besides being fun, dancing has many positive health benefits. Our dance troop have performed in many school concerts and raised lots of money alongside our school choir in many different charity events. Dance clubs are available for all children from Reception right through to Year 6.


What do our children think?
‘I go to dance club to learn how to dance and to have fun’ ‘It’s fun and you get to spend time with your friends’

Show Choir
We have a really successful choir at Central Park, and So far we have raised over £700 for two charities, Richard House and Childs I Foundation. We have sang at Trafalgar Square, The Royal Docks
Performance and a number of concerts in school and were even invited to Meet the Mayor of London at his carol service for our hard work! Our aim is to raise £1000 by the end of the year!


Children in Years 3 – 6 have the opportunity to participate in gardening club. From selecting your vegetables and flowers, preparing the earth and planting, and finally harvesting, gardening can be a wonderful experience. Our very own Gardening expert, Mrs Eldred, openly admitted to initially taking on the responsibility year’s back ‘to get over her fear of soil!’

What do the children think?
‘I go to gardening club because my mum likes to plant and garden at home and I can give her advice. Sometimes my mum forgets to water the plants and I have to remind her’


If nothing else, playing the guitar is fun but it does have other benefits. When you learn how to play the guitar it can boost your creativity throughout music and other studies. Learning how to play the guitar also has a positive effect on the brain. When learning, you have to remember lots of chords, scales, music theory and more. Being a musician lets you access parts of your brain that you wouldn’t normally use.


Mathematics is important in everyday life, many forms of employment, science and technology, medicine, the economy and the environment. Year 4 children get the opportunity to work alongside Maths Coordinator, Mr Strange, to develop a better understanding of the subject and improve grades within the classroom.

Cricket is a sport with many physical, mental and health benefits including building endurance and stamina, balance, improved hand-eye co-ordination and team skills. Cricket has proved hugely popular amongst the different age groups with Central Park pupils.
Central Park has had many students go on to be very successful at cricket – none more so than current England International Ravi Bopara.

What do the children think?
‘Cricket is a great sport and it gives me something to do after school’ ‘Cricket and Football are my favourite sports. They also help me to keep fit’

Having been lucky enough to secure handball tickets for the London Prepares Series Events at the new Olympic Park, the children at Central Park naturally wanted to start an after school handball club. The club, now into its 2nd term, is becoming increasingly popular with children right throughout the school and gives them the opportunity to try something they may have never got the chance to do.

What do the children think?
‘I use the skills I learn in Handball to give me confidence in other sports’ ‘I go to Handball Club because it gives me a chance to try some completely different’


This school year saw the arrival of cooking club in Year’s 1, 2, 3 & 4. The cooking club actively challenges the children to think about there dietary requirements and how they can balance there diet at school and at home. Most importantly, the children get to sample the skills necessary.


Journalism is the investigation and reporting of events, trends and issues. Here at Central Park the children have the opportunity to put forward their opinions and investigative skills to publish a monthly school newspaper.


What do the children think?
‘I go to journalism class because I’d like to become a news reporter’ ‘When I grow up I want to be a journalist’


Story Club
In Reception we have a story club, all are welcome but our special aim is to involve boys in literacy, and improve language for So far we have loved looking at books such as Handa's surprise, Shark in the Park and Funny Bones!