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Familiarising yourself with English grammar brings many advantages. Your child will become more familiar with the grammatical terminology used in spelling, punctuation and grammar tests in years 2 and 6. What's more, by looking at how we can use English in different ways, children will be able to write using a more varied and appropriate style for specific writing situations.


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Count-nouns (Click to enter)


Adjectives (Click to enter)



Comparitive & Superlative adjectives (Click to enter)



Verbs in English have four basic parts (Click to enter)



Why do we use adverbials? (Click to enter)




General and specific determiners (Click to enter)


Uncount-nouns (Click to enter)



Adjectives - ed and ing



The basic unit of English grammar is the clause (Click to enter)



This possessives page brings together information about (Click to enter)



Pronouns are words we use in the place of a full noun. (Click to enter)