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House System


A house system has been discussed over the past year as a ‘next step’ for Central Park. We have tried to include all stakeholders in the development of this system – including children and parents in the naming of the house groups to make them personal and motivating for everyone. We have combined the system with behaviour policy currently in place, ensuring that both systems work well, strengthening current practice, without complicating it.


We hope that having a house system in place at school will support a number of key areas throughout the school.We hope that it will increase the ‘teamwork’ approach to school life and learning, providing more opportunities to work across year groups in teams and across ages throughout the school.


We hope that children will see the staff as part of their team, and, therefore create even more points of contact for all children. It has also been noted that there is a need for more ‘healthy’ competition in the school in all areas. We hope that there will be an increase in opportunities for children to compete in all aspects of learning and use the house system to support this.


Our 4 houses are: Phoenix, Hydra, Pegasus and Dragons.





Inter House Cross Country

On the week beginning the 17th November Central park held their first inter house competition – cross country running. KS2 competed in Central Park where they had to complete 3 laps of a track. All competitors did really well and tried their best.

1st Dragons – 510 points
2nd Hydra – 440 points
3rd Phoenix and Pegasus – 270 points