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Latest News/ Events/ Projects/ Visits 2017

09.07.2018 - Fair Play House 2018 live stream...

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18.06.2018. Year 4 Camp

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08.05.2018. Year 5 sharing assembly

26.04.2018 - Year 4 trip to Mountfitchet castle. Live Stream...

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25.04.2018 - 4M Assembly on William the Conqueror


28.03.2018...In our NQT Breakfast, our NQTs told us why Central Park Primary a good place to work?

Miss Kyei "There is a lot of support from everyone, especially senior leaders"

Miss Uddin "The culture of the school is good and inviting"

Miss Khatun "If you need anything there is always someone you can turn to. The staff are very supportive"

Miss Kabir "I have come on a long way, thanks to the support of my team"

Mrs Amin "Supportive team, supportive mentor. Children are amazing"

07.03.18 Year 6 Assembly on the Islamic golden age.

6D Islamic Golden Age Assembly


19.12.17... Children doing the harlem shake to celebrate the end of term

Harlem Shake



Saying 'congratulations to our fabulous NQTs for doing so well this term!'


19.12.17. Children were performing a medley of Christmas carols for the Manor Farm care home in Newham.



Winter Wonderland 2017





Year 5 assembly -

29.11.17- 4D  enjoyed showcasing their learning about the Romans. It was lovely to see parents participating as well to be " Just Like a Roman!"


23.11.17.. Parents were invited to view their childs porgress in class. They went through their books and were able to talk to the class teacher. There was a huge turnout of parents for this successful open morning.


Westfield held an Art competition to design a gift card wallet. We are very pleased to share that out of 2,400 applicants, Haroon Khan from Year 6 has won the competition!


His design will be the used for the Westfield gift card Wallet this Christmas and will be used within the Westfield stratford City shopping centre. He has also won £1000 for the school. This is a fantastic achievement for him and our school. Take a look at the winning design.

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Central Park Primary School celebrated Black History Month on the 18th October 2017; the staff, children and the community all came together. The school remembered and celebrated the important people from the past and also those who contribute to help the society today.

15.10.2017 - Live stream - Year 5/6 are going to France to Chateau de Warsy

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27.09.2017 -
(Nursery) Story time - early reading. Children are reading a core book to their peers during story time.






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Place of worship photos


Newham Carnival 2017

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Year 6 visited Hainault Forest Country Park on Friday 30th June they completed an orienteering task independently. Teachers weren't allowed to help and they had to work collaboratively to get back to camp. 




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As part of our DT and Maths Investigation week, some children from Year 5 were given the challenge to create their own books stands. For this they needed to think outside of the box and use their maths and design skills to help them. What the stands looked like was entirely up to them. The children used equipment such as saws, hammers and nails, drills, mitre blocks and wood to create some fantastic book holders. I am so incredibly proud of what they achieved and it was really fun day. What an awesome bunch of DT/maths designers we have at Central Park. Mr Strange

“It was awesome. The best Friday of my life. I enjoyed creating, cutting and smacking nails.” (Dominic)

“It was the best day ever. I nailed the wood at certain degrees. I will use it as a books stand at home.” (Anon)

“It was the best Friday of my school life. I will use it to hold my books when I am reading” (Anon)

“The day was fun. I will put it in my room” (Anon)

“The day was good. I enjoyed the painting” (Tamim 5B)

“It helped me with measuring. I will put it in my room.” (Patrick)

“It was marvellous, fantastic and I had lots of fun. My measurements helped me. I will use it for my books to read.” (Anon)


“It was very good. My maths helped me by measuring the wood.” (Yasin 5K)

“It was fun and I enjoyed it. It helped us to measure.” (Simona 5B)

“I really enjoyed the day. I liked stapling the book stand most. I will display my favourite book on it.” (Victoria 5V)

“I enjoyed cutting and it was a fun day. I measured out the angles of the shape.” (Usman 5K)

“I really enjoyed how the day went. Maths helped me to cut the wood.” (Kinza 5F)

“Fantastic. It helped me measure items and what to hammer and what to drill.” (Faizah 5B)

“In my opinion I enjoyed it because it was fun and you can put anything on top of it. I would read every day or put pictures of my memories on it.” (Amena 5K)

“I enjoyed it. It was really fun. (Khkola 5K)




07.06.2017 - Year 5 took part in a workshop to learn the skills in music making

25.05.2017 - RE event inviting parents and faith leaders to see the work children have been doing for their RE topics.


25.05.2017 - Eastern European breakfast event


11.05.207.. Sen school trip to the Olympic park and London Aquarium





Year 1 Sharing Assembly

25.04.2017 - Year 5 sharing assembly on ancient Egyptians


19.04.2017...Today, Year 4 are visiting the site of a Norman motte and bailey castle and village that has been faithfully reconstructed on its original site in Essex.​ This is their hook into their new topic of the Normans.

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04.04.2017 - Children attended the 'Always Values' party with Mr Williams. They were voted by their class for always displaying all the school values.

04.04.20147 - Easter Egg Competition

Thank you for all the Easter egg entries in the competition. Well done to all the winners from each year group from nursery to year 6 (Ms Prabhakumar)

30.03.2017 - Rocksteady concert performance


29.03.2017 - SEN video showing their work and extra curriculur activities they have done throughout the year.


Year 5 used the art they made and created a virtual gallery and then imported their art into the gallery using Sketchup. Click on the 3D gallery and use your mouse to navigate through the gallery.

24.03.2017 - Red Nose Day 2017


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5K Assembly in performing arts linked in with an Egyptian story theme



Parents learnt from cake artist Sameera Kazi on making and decorating their own cake.





02.03.2017 - World book day 2017

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01.03.2017 - Children from year 5 and 6 won the tag rugby competition at the Newham Mini games. Due to their success they will now represent Newham at the London Games later this month.



23.02.2017 - 1T Chinese New Year Performance. Click on the video to watch.






Art Sculptural project - 23.01.2017

Year 2, 3 and 4 are taking part in the 'Arty Party' workshop all week. See their progress on the development of the sculptures.