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Saying 'congratulations to our fabulous NQTs for doing so well this term!'

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22.11.2016 The Police visited Central Park and were talking about Cyber Bullying and how to be safe on the Internet





Year 3/4 boys football team took part in the borough competition and came 3rd. They were undefeated in the round robin stages and reached the semi-finals.



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11.11.2016... Remembrance day



08.11.2016... 1T class trip live stream


08.11.2016.....Year 4 Educational Visit - Stay tuned for live updates of the interactive drama performance of London (Londinium) in the post Boudicca era:



Our 'always' winners!


These children were nominated by their class for consistently displaying the school values. We are incredibly proud to have them part of our school.




18.10.2016... Central Park boys football team came second in a Newham Competition



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05.10.2016 - Mary and Masuma from 5K created this wonderful art piece for Central Park











21.04.2016 - Our boy’s football team had a fantastic tournament on the 20th April. Competing against 20 other schools they placed 3rd after winning two penalty shootouts.  Congratulations boys!




03.03.2016 World Book Day


DT Focus Week













Lost Lending Library...


Children at Central Park School noticed some unusual activity in one of our old classrooms recently. In fact there seemed to be an explosion of books coming from the small classroom…


It all began when we found an unusual story written by Colin Thompson called “How to live Forever”




The Mystery of the Lost Lending Library
On a wet and windy Monday a few weeks ago, Central Park children and staff were baffled to find that a strange bookshelf had mysteriously appeared in the entrance to the new library and rumours began to surface with suggestions of magic and mystery. An emergency assembly was called, with teachers quickly dispelling any notion of magic. A decision was taken for health and safety reasons, not to touch the wooden bookshelf, but to watch out for anything unusual.


Completely unaware of the involvement of our dedicated librarian Petra and a pair of peculiar books that wouldn’t open, everyone went about their teaching and learning. As the week passed, invitations to a ‘Lost Lending Library’ were given out to groups of children who were being recruited as story telling apprentices. Children reported the appearance of Mr. Peabody, keeper of the Lost Lending Library who told every child an enchanted story. Throughout the week we have heard tales of magic typewriters, talking trees and trains and the building is alive with excitement.

Following the completion of ‘mystical written tasks’, it would appear that a number of life-long memberships have been allocated to Central Park children and a select number of adults. Have you or your child any information about this ‘Lost Lending Library’ and the personnel involved? However insignificant you may feel, please inform the office of any matters relating to this.







Here are a few quotes from children about their experience of the Lost Lending Library:


Year 4:

Freddie 4K-
“I like the LLL. Its looks great and has lots of secrets. It has books from all around the world and has inspired me to read.”


Firoza 4K-
“I become more creative when I read. It will inspire me to write stories like Roald Dahl. It has helped my imagination and given me lots of things to write about.”


Faris 4K-
“The LLL has inspired me to read and write more. There are so many stories. It has helped my imagination.”


Sarmad 4M-
“I didn’t read much but since the LLL I am reading more. Ive been reading books from the Micheal Morpurgo collection.”


Fateha 4K-
“The LLL is mysterious. It has shown mystery in books. The more I read the more creative I become.”


Khadija 4M-
"I listened to  the twits when I was in there. I have read it before but now I will read it again. My favourite authors are: Roald Dahl, Micheal Morpurgo, JK Rowling."


Usaid 4M-
"When I heard the Twits I was excited. I didn’t know it but know the author so I am going to read it.”


Tasnima 4M-
“Listening to the twits has opened my imagination. The author describes things well.”




Year 1:


Layla 1R-
“I like reading more I want to know more about books. I want to know more.”


Khateeb 1R-
“I like reading. I’m interested in books as I want to work in a library.


Sanyu 1R-
“I think reading is the best. You get to know about authors. I enjoyed the LLL because when I looked at the front covers of the books inside the library I knew who the author was."


Arif 1T-
“I enjoy reading as it makes things more interesting”.


Iyan 1T-
“I got to see every book in the entire world. I want to read every book in the world. I am reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory. My imagination is back.












Red Nose Day




World Book Day


We had a fantastic day on World book day at Central park. Here are some pictures to show what we did on World book day.

Children were asked to dress up as their favourite book character.  The children made a huge effort as you can see from the pictures.




We also had story tellers in to work with key year groups around their key author.




We also invited the parents in to read with the children in their child’s class.




We also took some year groups to 'The biggest book show on Earth'. Here we met key authors like Michael Rosen, Jacqueline Wilson, Francesca Simon, Holly Smale, Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve and Steve Butler. We had the great opportunity to hear the authors discuss their work and then had the chance to get our books signed. It was a truly inspirational experience.












You can join us in building your child’s enthusiasm for books well beyond World Book Day by reading together regularly and joining your local library if you are not yet members. For more information about World Book Day and ideas on sharing books at home, visit worldbookday.com.





Bike It Project

Central Park is now a Bike It school. The project aims to get more children cycling to school. It also helps to educate pupils on the benefits of cycling including health and sustainability. On Friday 14th November we held our launch event – a bike breakfast and Dr Bike. If the children cycled to school on that day, they were able to enjoy a free breakfast. We also had 3 mechanics in school to help fix the pupil’s bikes. 86 children cycled on the day and we hope to see a continued increase of pupils cycling to school!